A3™ organic milk connects the consumer back to our land, animals and farmers.

What is A3™?

A3™ = A2 Beta-casein cow’s milk + USDA/NOP organic certified.

This means our range of premium New Zealand sourced dairy products meet the compliance requirements of an extremely high standard which promotes ecological balance conservation of the environment including wetlands, woodlands and wildlife.

The health benefits of A3™

When it comes to health, we don’t just ‘talk the talk’; A3™ products are certified organic and free from genetic modifications, pesticides, insecticides, synthetic fertiliser, growth hormones and antibiotics.

Our milk hosts a natural and high-quality profile.

A3™ milk comes only from New Zealand dairy farms who undertake regenerative farming practices – good for cows, good for people, good for the environment.

What is regenerative farming?

Our milk comes from farms that implement practices to promote biodiversity and soil health. This leads to more nutrient dense food for our grass-fed animals – ultimately resulting in healthier cows and better-tasting, nutritious dairy, with less impact on the environment.

A3™ farmers are innovative, experienced and committed. Many of our farms are multi-generational – some families have been farming, and caring for, the same land for over a century. We want to ensure our planet remains healthy, our people thrive, and we continuously improve the way we farm. We believe we are the caretakers of our land and we are passionate about looking after it, to pass on to the next generation in as good a state as, if not better than, when we inherited it.

A3™ - only the best!

In a world that is more health-conscious than ever, we strive to create products that not only taste good – they are excellent quality and independently tested to high standards.

Consumers can be assured that A3™ products are farmed ethically right here in New Zealand and are free from any nasties.

We ensure this by working only with leading manufacturers who undertake the highest levels of compliance, and A3™ celebrates being transparent with full traceability from cow to consumer.

If you are interested in hosting the A3™ brand and having your customers embrace the A3™ story, please get in touch.

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